"Oh my God, Victoria, you've got to tell Wendy that's the best raw vegetarian food we've ever had! And we know what's good...! We didn't even want to share it with others! AND we even saved some to have our wives reverse-engineer what's in it so we can have it again!!!!!"
Oooh yum yum. "I'm so impressed with your work and we would love to have you do cooking classes at our office. You are so awesome, and I love all the veggies packed into the incredibly delicious meals. I would pay good money for it."
"The raw taco recipe was out of this world! I don't miss the meat! Thank you for sharing this wonderful, flavorful recipe!"
"The wraps/taco shell were new to me, and the texture was great! It was very flavorful... The fillings tasted so good, and the texture was great, too. The veggie burger was my favorite, and I can’t think of anything I would change about it! I could probably eat one every day!

I was surprised how comfortably full I felt after each thing I tried...

Lastly the crackers & dip - I loved the texture of the crackers and it satisfied my crunchy craving. I liked the flavor... The dip/cheese I could eat every day and put it on anything!! This would probably be something most people would want to keep on hand all the time. 🙂

I think all of these would be beneficial to learn in a class or private lesson... especially since these are healthier versions of what people would typically eat every week."
"Wendy is an awesome raw food chef and teacher.

She skillfully guided my husband and I through a day-long private class to teach us how to prepare delicious food I would never have imagined making myself. She tailored the class to my gluten- and dairy-free dietary needs and expanded our horizons about what is possible with a whole food diet. We made gluten-free crackers and tortillas, dairy-free cheeses, creams and spreads amongst other culinary delights!

We had a blast creating in our kitchen and are grateful to Wendy for teaching us how to make tasty, nutritious, easy to prepare foods."
"I was so delighted to go to your cooking class. Everything tasted amazing and I left the class feeling full, satisfied and very inspired. This was the best cooking class I have ever been to and I left feeling like I was prepared to make some delicious and nutritious meals."

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